centre pompidou malaga

The visual identity project we developed for the Centre Pompidou Provisoire, established since 2015 in Malaga, corresponds to an export to the International. In other words, a globalization of the brand "Centre Pompidou" and a dematerialization of the Center/Building. We have requalified the notion of the Pompidou "Center" by positioning it at the "Center" of the world, thus its geographical coordinate became 0° 0°. From this principle, we positioned - like a "mental map" - the countries according to their geographical situation. One of the characteristics of the Parisian building is this notion of "seeing through" - both through the transparency of the glass walls, as well as its color code.
The game with the spindles, the coordinates, the connections, the representation of the flows, the "contour" and the "form" induces this idea of displacement of a content, from the Centre Pompidou to another place. It also evokes the journey and migration of culture.

This graphic vocabulary will become, in addition to the logotype, the visual identity of this extension of the Centre Pompidou.