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verbier festival

The Verbier Festival is a classical music festival which, for the past 30 years, has been inviting people to live a unique and convivial experience in the heart of the Swiss Alps, through prestigious concerts and original encounters.

Over the years, several new challenges have arisen: renewing and broadening the audience (especially the 35-55 year olds and families), conquering the Swiss-German public, but also aiming at the international scene, and particularly at nearby France.

In 2016, the festival entrusted us with the mission of creating a new visual identity, which will be adaptable and durable, and which will serve as a support for its new communication policy. At the same time, like all great cultural institutions, the Verbier Festival is eager to modernize its image in order to respond to societal changes.


From references on musical notation (scores from Mozart to Cage, conventional signs) we extracted a specific musical vocabulary. This vocabulary is then confronted with the image of the mountain by formal comparisons, experiments in the treatment of the photograph to create a graphic rhythm, or to modify the way we look at the image by creating a shift and a questioning.


The graphic identity of the Festival is based on the composition of a reinterpreted image of the Verbier landscape. This creation reflects the experience of listening to concerts in this exceptional setting.


The idea was not to "change for the sake of changing" but to make sure that the reality of the three strong points of the Verbier Festival would shine through: its idyllic natural setting, the premium quality of the concerts offered, and the exceptional welcome and springboard for young talent. The creation of a "tool box" makes it possible to highlight these messages, through, for example, the use of a titling typeface endowed with a strong singularity, which makes it possible to immediately identify the Festival.