réouverture du musée

On the occasion of the opening in February 2012 of a new museum at the Arab World Institute, c-album is producing the communication campaign for this event.

The meeting of two cultures is here crystallized in the meeting of two writings. Writing is a central component of the Arab world culture and we wanted to build the museum's communication around key words that embody the spirit of the Arab World Institute. With the help of the typefaces we developed, the communication highlights the meeting points, both visual, in the superposition of the fonts on bilingual posters, and cultural, by presenting the notions that the museum places at the heart of civilizations. For the first time in its history, the metro would display 4x3 posters in Arabic and Latin: each line would have its own series of posters, different for each station (250 words = 250 posters).

This communication campaign, unique in its kind, is documented and available for consultation at the bnf.


The typefaces we have created are a first in France. Our team worked on an unprecedented project: to create a typeface that would allow a concordance between the Arabic and Latin alphabets. 
It is designed to facilitate the use of bi- or trilingual typographic compositions. The goal was to find a coherence between the two scripts to harmonize the text and at the same time facilitate the passage from one to the other, making its use fluid in its various applications.